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Termite Treatment

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A termite inspection in Monroe, New York


At Bug Off Exterminator, we know that any effective termite protection program begins with a professional, comprehensive termite inspection. During your FREE termite inspection, our expert termite inspector will assess your property looking for evidence of termite activity, possible points of termite intrusion, or conditions conducive to termite presence. 


Following your complimentary termite inspection, our findings and recommendations will be outlined in a clear and concise manner so that you can make an educated, well-informed decision about how best to protect your home or business from possible termite damage. Because no two properties are alike, our termite protection recommendations will be unique to your particular property. 


Each of our termite inspections will include a written estimate for remedial termite treatment, preventative termite treatment, or termite monitoring protection. In some instances, a combination of termite treatments may be advisable. 


Because our termite inspections are free, there is never any obligation to sign up or purchase anything. 

A home with termites in New York


It may come as no surprise that the best time to get a termite treatment is before termites actually get into the structure. Our preventative termite treatments provide a proactive approach to eliminating termite populations foraging in close proximity to your home or business. 

By creating a liquid barrier in the soil adjacent to your structural foundation, foraging termites will unknowingly come in contact with or digest a lethal concentration of termiticide. Even better, these termites will then pass off or transfer the same lethal concentration to every other termite it comes in contact with over the next several days before it dies. 



Discovering termites feeding on your property can be rather unsettling. After all, your property is likely one of your most valuable assets, and the last thing you need is termites causing damage and reducing its value.  

Bug Off's remedial treatments are designed to quickly eliminate active populations of termites both inside and outside the structure and provide ongoing, lasting termite protection moving forward. Remedial termite treatments may include directed liquid soil treatments, termite foam applications, termite baiting, or some combination of each methods. 

Termite Monitoring System in New York


Our termite monitoring systems serve several purposes, the first of which is a proactive means of determining the level of termite presence in proximity to your structure. Because subterranean termite make their colonies in the ground, most people aren't aware of a termite presence until the termites have done a noticeable amount of damage to their structure. 

By installing termite monitors in the ground around the perimeter of your structure, you will be able to determine the presence of termites before they get into your structure, implement a treatment plan, and then assess the changes in termite presence on your property over time. 


Once termite activity is detected in the termite monitors around your structure, the monitoring devices will be transformed into an elimination device. The monitors will be replaced with a termite bait device, loaded with a toxic preferred food source that the termites will aggressively feed upon.


Impacted termites will then pass toxic levels of the food they ingested on to all the other termites they come in contact with, creating chain reaction. This domino effect of rapid transferability allows the monitoring system to eliminate entire termite colonies in a relatively short period of time without the need for liquid termiticides or other traditional treatments.

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