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Field Service Positions

Pest Control Technician

Pest Control Technicians provide residential and/or commercial services for ants, roaches, spiders, mice, and other most common pests. 

Termite Technician

Termite technicians become our experts in treating for subterranean termites, including soil treatments and termite monitoring systems. 

Wildlife Trapper

Wildlife trappers specialize in the trapping and removal of animals such as raccoons, squirrels, possums, foxes, snakes, and more. 

Sales Positions

Residential Sales Consultant

Residential Sales Consultants focus on selling pest control, termite control, and wildlife services to homeowners in a designated territory. 

Commercial Account Executive

In this B2B sales role, the Commercial Account Executive focuses on establishing relationships and selling pest control services to businesses throughout New York.

Inside Sales Representative

Our Inside Sales Reps are committed to handling inbound sales calls and executing outbound call campaigns. 

Office Positions

Office Manager

Office Managers oversee the administrative functionality of one of our New York pest control offices.

Customer Support Agent

Customer Support Agents are tasked with ensuring the satisfaction of each of our customers through the delivery of professional email and phone support. 

Scheduling Director

Scheduling Directors manage the routine and scheduling of a team of service technicians, sales reps, and other personnel to ensure productivity and efficiency. 

Why Choose A Career in Pest Control?

Recession-Proof Industry

Historically, the pest control industry has proven to be one of the most resilient industries in America. Fluctuations in the economy tend to have little impact on the need for home and business owners to protect their properties from the hazards caused by pests. 

Job Security

Employees of Bug Off Exterminator come to enjoy the security that comes along with working with an established company with a solid customer base. This provides the peace of mind in knowing that layoffs are not a typical part of our strategy. 

Unlimited Income Potential

Most positions with Bug Off Exterminator include a competitive hourly wage or salary along with a commission, bonus, or other incentive program that enables employees to take control of their own income. 

Advancement Opportunities

At Bug Off Exterminator, we believe strongly in developing our people and promoting from within. Whatever your career aspirations, you're likely to find ample opportunity within our organization.

Preserve Health & Property

Pest control is one of the main reasons life expectancy in the United States has improved dramatically over the last 100 years. We help prevent illnesses caused from pests such as rats, ticks, and cockroaches, preserve the integrity of the food being served in restaurants or sold in supermarkets, protect structures from wood destroying organisms like termites, and so much more. 

Solve People's Problems

In pest control, people come to us when they need help solving a problem. Sometimes it may be ants in their kitchen, mice in their basement, or ticks in their yard. Maybe they've got a bee hive in their attic or mosquitoes making the outdoor environment around their home unenjoyable. Whatever the issue, our mission is to effectively and efficiently resolve the problem, and we rely on our employees to deliver the highest level of service in the pest control industry. 

Community Involvement

Our careers help improve the local communities in which our employees live and raise their families. 

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