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Protecting your business from unwanted pests has never been easier.


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No matter what kind of business you have, Bug Off Exterminator has the expertise to get the job done. 

All commercial pest control service plans are customized to meet the needs of each client so that you are getting and paying for only what you need. 

Wherever pests can get in...Bug Off can keep them out.

Commercial Pest Control

Restaurant pest control in New York

Bug Off Exterminator specializes in customized pest control programs for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, diners, and delicatessens. When it comes to preserving the integrity of your business, we've got the expertise to handle any situation. 

Pest control at an apartment complex in New York

We know that managing a multi-family establishment brings its own set of unique challenges. With our pest control programs for apartments and condominiums, we make sure keeping your tenants bug-free is one less hassle for you to deal with. 

Pest control at a shopping mall in New York

In the world of retail, insect infestations can not only drive customers out of your store but can cause costly damage to your valuable goods. Bug Off Exterminator can help make sure your business reputation doesn't get marred by unnecessary pest populations.

Pest control at a hospital in New York

Sensitive establishments like hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities require the highest levels of training and professionalism. Our trained pest professionals will ensure a zero tolerance threshold for insect populations in and around your property.

Pest control at a food processing plant in Monroe, New York

Because many food processing facilities are regulated by the FDA, USDA, and other similar agencies, pest control providers must comply in strict accordance with certain standards. Bug Off technicians have the expertise to provide service in strict accordance with these type of regulations.

Pest control at a warehouse in Sullivan County, New York

By their very nature, industrial facilities often create conditions that become ideal habitations for roaches, rats, mice, and many other nuisance pests. Bug Off Exterminator's Industrial Pest Control Division is standing by to assess your needs and offer solutions. 

Pest control at an office building in Spring Valley, New York

Because we understand how important it is to provide an ideal work environment for your employees and clients, we have made it our priority to become experts in the world of office pest control. Don't let bugs stand in the way of a less than satisfactory workplace. 

Pest control at a hotel in Airmont, New York

With the continued increase in domestic and international travel, professional pest control for hotels and motels has never been more critical. From ants and roaches to mice, rats, bed bugs and more, Bug Off is here to make sure your clients have the visit they deserve. 

Pest control at a college in New York

Schools, universities, colleges, and day cares all need pest control help in one way or another. Bug Off is committed to helping maintain a bug-free educational environment for your students, faculty, employees, and visitors alike. 


Stadiums, arenas, sports complexes, and concert halls experience the changeover of a lot of people on a daily or weekly basis. But people aren't the only things looking to get in and out. Bug Off will help keep your establishment free from rodents and other unwanted invaders. 

Arena Pest Control
Pest control at a church in New York

Bug Off Exterminator also provides expert pest and termite protection services to religious establishments such as churches, synagogues and mosques in an effort to preserve the structural integrity of each building. 

Pest control at a supermarket in Orange County, New York

Supermarkets can become breeding grounds for pests such as ants, roaches, rodents, moths, weevils, beetles, and a variety of other stored product pests. Our pest professionals will help ensure your market doesn't provide a suitable environment for these pests. 

Supermarket Pest Control
  • Rodent Trapping & Removal

  • Rodent Reduction

  • Bed Bug Elimination

  • Fruit / Drain Fly Management

  • Cockroach Elimination 

  • Wildlife Animal Removal

  • Fly Light Systems

  • Insect Monitoring

  • Insect Air Curtains

  • Insect Baiting Programs

  • Termite Monitoring

  • Spider Removal

  • Pheromone Treatments

  • Stored Product Pests

  • Odor Elimination

  • Fruit / Drain Fly Management

  • Cockroach Elimination 

  • Wildlife Animal Removal

A Complete Slate of Pest Services For Businesses. 

Customized Commercial Extermination

Services For All Your Commercial Needs. 

List of Commercial Service Offerings

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